Hello, This web is set up for everyone who is working or wishes to work in DIY, especially with electric and plumb. There is neither lecture nor lesson in this web, but shares from members. You can share or read the shares and I can do so. I want to learn if you share something and reciprocally I am happy in sharing something interesting. Fields/ subjects/ issues are definitely from electricity to plumb; from home to factory; from indoor to outdoor. You can’t tell your daily story but you can tell us the problem that you face at home or at work every day, certainly about electricity/ plumb. What are you going to share? Every share should begin from a problem, or let’s say a problem is atom of a share. The simplest is a picture shot during your work with a question, and that is a valuable share. After a share posted, anyone can comment or give another solution or a hint for a better solution. That is purpose of this web. Does it work alike a social network? Yes, it is like that on some wise but in a small professional community where electricity and plumb concerned. Join with faith and passion.